Coffee (the good, the bad)


splashing coffeeIf you are one of the 83% of Americans who drink coffee, this is for you! For many people, their day can’t get started without their morning coffee, and for good reason. Caffeine provides a boost to your adrenaline levels, giving you more energy, while also improving memory and focus.


Recent studies have also shown that drinking 2-4 cups of coffee a day has medical benefits including a decrease in:

  • Certain cancers
  • Strokes
  • Type II diabetes
  • Parkinson’s disease


It also has been suggested that it may help to reduce the risks of dementia[1], improve mood and decrease depression[2]. The coffee bean plant also contains antioxidant properties. That’s a whole lot packed in to just a cup or two of Joe!


As with most things, it’s best to drink coffee in moderation as there are also some downsides to caffeine, including a jolt to your blood pressure. Speak with your doctor about your daily caffeine intake, especially if you have high cholesterol or if you are on any heavy medication.  Drinking caffeine too close to bedtime can also contribute to insomnia or poor sleep patterns.


If you are pregnant, discuss your coffee habits with your obstetrician. Though coffee was not recommended in the past, some recent studies have shown that minimal coffee intake could in fact be beneficial.


The surge of franchise coffee shops and specialty drinks have certainly increased consumption, but it’s important to regulate how much caffeine you drink which includes caffeine in other types of drinks, sodas, and food.






  1. K. Rutka

    This article is for you. Coffee has a positive effect on diabetes!

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