Are You a Morning Person?

Becoming a morning person


What makes a morning person, and can we change what we believe is our natural inclination, and start to look forward to the crack of dawn?


The Morning Rush

One thing that can really start the morning off on a bad foot is having to rush around to get out the door. Leaving yourself tight on time in the morning can lead to anxiety when all doesn’t go as planned and you’re stressed out about being late. Getting up an extra fifteen minutes early can make for a much more relaxed morning and change your outlook on the day.


Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Ah… sleep. We all need it, and it seems few of us ever get enough of it. If you’re not getting enough, it can be hard to cherish waking in the morning and harder still to be in a great mood! Getting enough sleep can be key to your mood at sunrise, but how do you start waking earlier if you have trouble falling asleep earlier?  The easiest way to make changes is one minute at a time. Start getting to bed one minute earlier and setting your alarm one minute earlier each night. In just over two weeks’ time, you will have found an extra fifteen minutes in your morning for a relaxing breakfast or a yoga sun salutation!


Plan Ahead

If you just can’t get to sleep earlier, at least help your morning routine go smoother by planning as much as you can ahead of time. Plan out your morning outfit and set it out the night before. Have your morning beauty Bio-Clock Activation System routine at the sink and organized for those critical moments of skincare and set up organized and easy access to any makeup you wear on a daily basis. Anything you will need like your briefcase, coat, scarf, purse, and keys should be ready by the door. Planning out your morning in advance can lead to a much less stressful start to your day. Maybe you will even find that you ARE a morning person!



  1. tony williams

    yes im certainly a morning person,and thankfully my partner is too.what fun we have.

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