Tips for a Lovely Winter Blush!

Winter Blush


Do you wear the same makeup products summer through winter? Then you’re doing it wrong! There are many reasons to switch up the products and colors you wear with the seasons and a great place to start is on your cheeks. Why is that? Read on to find out!


Blush for Dry Skin

During cold winter months, even oily skin becomes drier.  To help retain a dewy look and keep moisture in, opt for a cream blush or liquid tint instead of a powder.  Powders can make winter skin look and feel dry and flakey, but cream blushes can make skin look and feel more moist and radiant, and won’t accentuate fine lines.


Changing Colors

Do you wear the same makeup colors year round?  Have you ever noticed times when those same colors just don’t seem to “work” for you? You need to realize that your overall coloring doesn’t stay static – it can change throughout the year. During the winter your skin tone loses its summer glow and can become several shades paler. Hair can also lose its summer highlights, making for paler skin and darker hair which can change your overall color scheme.  Your skin’s undertones won’t generally change – try a blush color that is within the same color family that you usually wear, just a shade or two lighter.  If in doubt, a soft baby pink on pale winter skin can give most women a natural flush of color that can make you look fresh and bright on even the coldest of days!



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