Superfoods for Skin: Red Bell Peppers!

red bell peppers


Whether you enjoy them raw in a salad or with a dip, cooked and stuffed with your favorite filling, or sautéed with onions, adding red bell peppers to your diet can add vitamins and nutrients that can help your skin glow!

Vitamin and Nutrient Rich

Red peppers are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that can help protect and improve skin health and protect against wrinkles and aging. Following are just some of the benefits of the nutrients found in red peppers that can benefit your skin:

Vitamin C – helps form collagen and is a powerful antioxidant that can neutralize free-radicals that can cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin A – an antioxidant that can help protect skin from photoaging.

Vitamin B6 – can help regulate hormones that can cause acne.

Vitamin K – protects cells and body from damage caused by oxidation.

Carotenoids: lutein, beta-carotene, and zeaxanthin – can actually add a rosy pigment to skin making it look glowing and healthier. Antioxidant carotenoids are stored in the skin, which can help fight aging and cell damage.


Red or Green? Does it Matter?

When it comes to bell peppers, yes! In addition to adding a beautiful vibrant red color to your plate, red bell peppers have significantly more nutritional value than their green counterparts.  In fact, did you know that green bell peppers are actually unripe red bell peppers?  Choosing the more mature red bell pepper adds up to twice as much vitamin C, eight times the vitamin A and 11 times more carotene than green bell peppers.  They also have a milder, sweeter taste that many people prefer. Be certain to seek out the organic variety for the healthiest option, since pesticides can remain on the skin even after washing.

Try adding this delicious and nutrient-dense vegetable to your diet and watch for the results! Of course, food alone may not be enough, so consider the Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care Bio-Clock Activation System for skin care that works with your body to help rejuvenate your skin’s youthful appearance.



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