Single this Valentine’s Day? It Can Still Be Special!

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Don’t be bummed this year if you don’t have a special Valentine to share the day with – celebrate anyway!  You can create a new tradition for yourself – look at it as an opportunity to create your very own holiday. Need a few ideas?  The possibilities are endless!


Girlfriend’s Day

Do you have other unattached gal pals?  Turn it into a day to celebrate your special friendships!  You can even buy traditional Valentine’s Day gifts (what does chocolate have to do with romance, anyway?) for each other a la “Secret Cupid”, exchanging names beforehand to buy each other special gifts or treats. Rather than fight the dinner crowds, order in and watch a movie or have a slumber party. Time with friends is always special!


Spa Day

Flying solo this Valentine’s Day?  How about treating yourself to a day of luxury?  After all, there is no love like self-love!  A day of pampering can be long overdue after the rush of the holidays.  It may be just what the doctor ordered!


Volunteer Day

Feeling down about your unattached status this year?  Nothing can give you a lift more than helping others. Check your local papers ahead of time and look for volunteer opportunities – animal shelters and soup kitchens don’t close because it’s Valentine’s Day!  Another idea is to visit an elderly widow or widower who might be alone this Valentine’s Day. Extending kindness can really fill your heart with love!


Weekend Adventure

If you’re not in a relationship, you can take advantage of that freedom!  Pack a weekend bag and head to the airport – then commit to taking a flight to the cheapest destination.  Many airlines have last minute travel deals if you’re willing to go where the wind takes you.  This kind of spontaneity can really add a little excitement to your life!



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