Purple Shampoo

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Splash of purple paint


So, what’s the deal with Purple Shampoo craze? The name alone can make you take pause, that is until you hear what it’s all about. For those with natural or bottle blond or highlighted hair, there comes a time when the color starts to fade from vibrant to dull and brassy.


Purple Shampoo to the rescue!


The purple tint in these shampoos are the perfect neutralizing color to give your blond the boost it needs to look like you’ve just returned from the Salon.

There are varying types depending on your shade and preference and don’t worry, this is not permanent. It’s important to follow the instructions on the bottle but here are the basics:


  • Rinse your hair in hot water to open the hair shafts, prepping it to receive the tint.
  • Apply a generous amount evenly through your hair.
  • Let stand for 1-5 minutes.
  • Rinse it out thoroughly in cold water to close the hair shafts.
  • Style as usual



  • You can leave it on longer for a deeper color.
  • All purple shampoos aren’t right for everyone. Choose one that works well for your shade of color.
  • Stop by your local beauty shop to see if they have any available samples to check out before you invest in a big bottle.
  • If needed, you can mix the purple shampoo with your regular shampoo for a little added softness.
  • Check out the Purple Conditioners as well.
  • There are also brightening shampoos for greying, white or silvering hair to give the natural tones a color boost.
  • If you leave it on too long, don’t worry, you can rinse it out, but do try to stick to the instructions.
  • If you want to get professional advice first, talk to your stylist or go in for a consultation.


So if you think that your hair could do with a little color boost, check out what everyone’s talking about and try Purple Shampoo.



  1. Maxine Stewart

    I have used the purple conditioner on my hair and it is excellent. I don’t leave it on for long (about 2 mins ) . My hair is a golden blonde colour. Happy with it.

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