Why counting calories doesn’t always work

Counting Calories


Ladies, there is a better way to live than denying yourself delicious food in the name of dieting, or as Christie calls it, “deny-iting.”  One of the questions she answers in her book, Timeless Beauty, is “Do you count calories?”  The answer is no!


When you’re trying to drop a few pounds, it’s hard not to get sucked into all the various types of diets and food plans out there, each with their own promise to help you lose weight. The fact is that everything has calories, and while some high calorie foods are not very good for your body (like chips, cookies, ice cream and other junk food), some are very healthy for you and if you look at calorie numbers alone, it’s a distortion of the truth.


For example, some high calorie foods like eggs, avocados, and nuts are very nutritious. “By focusing on eating healthy, delicious foods, you won’t have to worry about calories,” Christie Brinkley says.


Counting calories is a lot of work, stress, and doesn’t necessarily get you your desired outcome. A better way is far simpler: eating a healthy balanced diet, drinking water, making sure you are getting the right vitamins and minerals, and exercising for at least 30 minutes a day.


(Check out Timeless Beauty for more of Christie’s best advice!)


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