Soda: The Anti-Beauty Choice

Soda Glass


It may taste good, but the truth is simple – soda is not the best choice in beverages. It’s hard not to get enticed by the advertising, fun and eye-catching commercials, variety of flavors, and the oh so sweet taste. We have eating habits and traditions that can be hard to break; soda goes well with popcorn at the movies or with a pizza or a burger. But did you know that one can of soda contains up to 39 grams of sugar? That’s the equivalent of 10 packets of sugar! All that sugar wreaks havoc on your internal and external systems.


It’s widely known that drinking too much soda is connected to health problems. Sugar itself has been linked to inflammation (processed sugars may trigger the release of inflammatory messengers called cytokines[1]). Your body works hard to combat the sugar and chemicals in soda, which may in turn contribute to chronic inflammation. And chronic inflammation is bad for your skin!


The Importance of Water in Skincare

Water, on the other hand, is a hydrating, pure, and an immensely effective thirst quencher that will help your body and skin. You may notice that when you eat healthy and drink a lot of water, your skin appears brighter and has better texture. In contrast, when you ingest too much sugar there can be a change in your skin’s texture and appearance. To help increase your skin’s brightness and texture even further, try Christie Brinkley’s Skin Care line.


For tips on how to add more water to your day, read Water, Water, Water 








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