New Year, New Outlook!

new year new outlook


Turning the calendar page on the New Year is a great opportunity for a fresh start and a fresh outlook. The more you love yourself, the more generous and giving you will be with love towards others, so why not start there?


Feel the Love

Try taking an objective look at yourself and your features. What are your favorite parts of yourself?  Your hair?  Your skin?  Your eyes?  Focus on those areas and think about how you can enhance and draw more attention toward those features. Do you love your eye color?  Experiment with eye makeup and colors that enhance and draw attention to your eyes. Less can be more on a great feature, but sometimes just a little bit can draw attention. Have beautiful eyes but skimpy lashes?  Try fake lashes!  They can help give your eyes a little extra emphasis. Have great hair?  Make sure you give it the attention it deserves!  Keep on top of trims and color, and don’t get caught in that every day ponytail trap!  If you have beautiful hair but find you don’t have the time to style it every day, consider a shorter do or a style that will allow you to style it quickly and beautifully.


No One is Perfect

What about your least favorite part?  Is it your nose or your hips or your waistline?  Think if there is anything you want to do to improve those areas, or just accept them for what they are. Your imperfections can be part of your unique style, but there’s always something you can do to improve a feature that truly bothers you. If your hair is thin or limp, try extensions or hairpieces to add volume. A new style or cut can also really give you a lift! If you are losing body tone from childbearing or aging, a new exercise regime or even just a foundation garment can bring back lost confidence. Have concerns about your aging skin?  Christie’s Bio-Clock Activation System can help you improve your skin’s condition. These are just a few examples, but improving your feelings toward a less-loved feature of your appearance can change the way you feel about yourself.


Let Go and Love Yourself!

Whether you choose to improve, enhance, or just accept things as they are, focusing on the positive and minimizing what you feel are negatives can change your outlook. Letting go of things you cannot change and focusing on the good can give you more confidence in the year ahead!


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