High Heel Workouts

High heel workout



For many women, working a long day in high heels can be considered a workout in itself, but have you heard that women all over the country are using the fashionable footwear in their exercise routine?  Is it for you?  Read on to find out!

Why the Heels?

Most people think of sneakers and exercise shoes for workouts, so why the current trend toward wearing high heels during exercise?  High heels are a staple of many women’s wardrobe and many wear them every day. High heels can work out the muscles in your calves and glutes. Unfortunately, walking in sky-high heels can open you up to injury and aches and pains – not only in your feet, but in your back, hips, and other areas. Exercising to strengthen your ankles, feet, and calves could help prevent injury caused by muscles that are too weak to support your weight in a less than natural position.

High Heel Classes

There are exercise classes and routines popping up all around that incorporate wearing high heels for a portion of the class while walking, stretching, or balancing. Most classes also incorporate barefoot exercises or athletic shoes to also strengthen calves, ankles, Achilles heels, and other muscles that may help you wear high heels with less pain and discomfort.

Alternating Heel Heights

Evaluate carefully the pros and cons of a high heel workout approach, and like anything else don’t overdo it. Switching up heel heights may be a better approach physically – wearing high heels or stilettos every day may create problems. If you’re one of those women who can’t pass on the appealing silhouette that you can only get from a pair of high heels, consult your doctor and see if this new kind of workout is for you!


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