Fitness During the Winter Months

Exercise in Winter Months


Winter is a beautiful time of year, filled with beautiful white landscapes, hot beverages, and gatherings around the fireplace with loved ones. Often times, though, those cold winter days do not inspire someone to go workout.


Hoping this helps us all get a little motivated, even in these cold winter months:


  • Prep!
    • Make sure you have comfortable workout clothes and good sturdy sneakers.
    • Lay out your workout clothes so they are visible. If you work out in the morning or after work, layout the whole outfit down to the shoes to help motivate you to work out.
    • Print a class schedule and highlight what classes you enjoy going to.
    • Add your workout to your calendar and add an alert on your phone.
    • Find a workout buddy to help motivate each other.
    • Look for interesting workout classes that you haven’t tried before to mix things up a little.
    • Make a realistic plan of how many times you will hit the gym or attend classes and stick to it.
  • Get there!
    • If you are paying for a gym membership, don’t waste it.
    • Working out in public may be uncomfortable; however, there are loads of DVDs, apps, and online classes you can do from the comfort of your own living room.
    • Do you love to cycle? You might enjoy a spin class, and if you live in harsh weather you may want to invest in an indoor exercise bike. This way rain, snow or sleet won’t come between you and a good workout.
  • Why…?
    • The cold months make us want to curl up, sip on a hot beverage, and veg out in front of the TV or fireplace with a good book, but too much of anything can turn into a bad thing.
    • Our bodies need movement for better circulation, digestion, stronger bones and muscles. Taking a little time off is normal, but try your best to make a commitment and schedule weekly workouts.
    • If you fall too far behind our workouts, it may show in your energy levels or how your clothes fit. This can cause anxiety about getting back to where you were. Don’t give up!
    • When you look better, you feel better. Take the time to get your heart rate up, get your blood flowing and keep your muscles engaged.


Besides, when you’re working out, it won’t feel as cold out there!


Working out in the winter has major benefits to your body’s overall health, but what about the effect of the cold, dry air on your skin? Try Christie Brinkley Skincare products to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin after a long outdoor winter workout session.



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