Boost Your Spirits and Brighten Your Mood

Sunny Disposition


Everyone could use a little boost in attitude once in a while. How can you make a conscious effort to lift your spirits? Being in a positive state of mind can make every challenge easier, so look to your immediate environment to find ways to keep your mental balance fresh and light.



The right lighting can really change your frame of mind. Sunlight is great for improving mood, so open those blinds first thing in the morning! Harsh florescent lighting can dampen your mood, so consider adding softer ambient light to your desk at work. There are many color-changing LED light bulbs on the market that can also provide a softer mood-enhancing effect. Softer mood lighting at the end of a long day can also relax you. Consider installing dimmer switches in the bath or bedroom to allow for relaxing soft lighting at the end of a long day.



Color can really affect your mood, so make sure the colors that surround you have a positive energy. The wall colors you choose for your home are critical to the mood it creates. If you gravitate to deep or dark colors and hues, save that for furniture or accessories. Lighter and brighter color walls collect and bring light into a space, improving your mood and mental state.



Ever hear a song that just instantly puts you in a good mood?  Can you think of any off the top of your head?  Make a list of those songs that really make you smile and put them on a playlist for playback any time you need a lift. Also consider playing light and soothing instrumental music softly in the background during your day to keep your mental state positive and bright.



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