Accountability – the buddy system!

The Buddy System


When you set a goal, do you ever fall off track?  How can you make sure you stay on task so that you can get your goals and dreams accomplished?


Tell a Friend!

If you have a goal, dream or even a task that you are having trouble accomplishing, telling a friend about it can solidify that goal in your mind. Doing so also helps you feel a greater sense of accountability. Once someone else knows you are trying to accomplish something, you will feel more motivated to meet that person’s expectations. This can be motivating and propel you forward so you don’t get “stuck”.


The Buddy System

If one of your friends has a common goal, why not be “in it together”? In the same way, your friends can help you achieve your goals, you can help others achieve theirs. The buddy system is a way of creating even more accountability and a two-way street of encouragement. When one of you is lacking in motivation, the other can step in with a pep talk!


Social Media

The more people you tell about a goal, the more likely you are to stick with it. If it helps to buddy up and share your goal with one friend, why not also share it with all your friends on social media?  You might be amazed at the source of encouragement you will find there. Whether you are doing great and want to share your accomplishments or feeling stuck and need encouragement, friends on social media can be very supportive cheerleaders!

Not ready to talk about your dreams and goals on social media? Start a blog! An anonymous blog can be a great accountability tool, and there are many ways to start a blog online for free.


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