You are beautiful

You Are Beautiful


Have you ever gotten into a negativity loop? Negativity feeds on itself, causing even more negativity! There’s a simple way to stop the loop, and change your whole outlook on life – simple daily reminders that you are beautiful and special in so many ways!


  • There is no other you and no matter how you look on the outside, your personality, compassion, intelligence and individuality is what makes you beautiful, and that never fades.


  • Finding positive role models in your life helps to remind you how very special you are. And even though negative thoughts can sometimes run through your head, that’s when you have to kick in some self-love.


  • The secret is to remember that your beauty does not just come from your physical appearance, but it also comes from your character.


  • Yes, as you age, your appearance does change. That is simply part of life and try to simply live in gratitude and with a positive outlook.


  • You can shift the internal dialogue when you look in the mirror to point out all the wonderful things about yourself!


  • Accepting your inner and outer beauty is freeing and leaves you with more time for far more important things to focus on.


  • You are exceptional in so many ways and you need to remember that beauty is shown in how you give back to others, nurture those you love, and care about your community.


Try not to let negative talk or comparisons muddle up the truth about how very special and how very beautiful you are!


Continuing to take care of yourself during the times when you aren’t feeling good is important too. Keeping up with daily exercise and developing a skin care routine with Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care products can help make you feel better when you’re feeling low.


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