The New Year: A Perfect Time to Start Journaling!



Have you ever thought about starting a journal?  The New Year marks a fresh start and a logical time for starting fresh new habits. Journaling can be a very personal and fulfilling habit, and for some, it can be life-changing.

Why it’s a Great Idea

Journaling can be beneficial in many ways. Creating a journal can help you organize your thoughts and work through emotions. It gives us a way to work out our problems, reflect on important events, and can help you gain perspective going forward. We may have a rough day full of emotion that we need to unload and realize later that it did not have the importance or significance it seemed to have at the time. We can also look back on happy events and aspects of our lives that we feel grateful for and they can increase our gratitude and life appreciation.

How to Start

If you’re starting a Journal, start with a small goal of a few sentences or a paragraph each night. Some people choose to do a gratitude journal, and simply write down three things they are grateful for each day, but this is just one idea. You might choose to summarize your day, highlight important events, chronicle life goals, or write about your emotions and relationships. The act of starting can be the most difficult part. Once you begin developing the habit, you may find yourself looking forward to the private time you spend journaling and you may begin to write more and more.

The Gift of Journaling

Journals make considerate holiday gifts that are simple, yet personal. Adding an engraved plate to a journal can make the gift even more personalized and the extra effort is sure to be appreciated!


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