The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Letter Writing

Modern technology is a wonderful thing.  We can now stay connected with friends, associates, and loved ones no matter where we are via email, video chat, or text.  There was a time – not long ago – when you could send a postcard to a friend from an overseas vacation, only to return before they received it.  Now, you can communicate instantly from almost anywhere in the world.  This keeps us better connected, but with all we have gained through technology, has something been lost?

The Handwritten Letter

There used to be something special about receiving a letter in the mail.  Long-distance calls could be costly, so people would write letters to friends to share news and stay in touch.  The excitement of reading a handwritten letter crafted especially for you that required time and effort on the part of the writer made you feel important.  Not only did they have to write it, but they also had to address an envelope to you and put a stamp on it!  This extra and dedicated effort was a show of caring – much more so than a text that is written and sent in an instant.

Special Occasions

You can still write a handwritten letter, and why not?  Birthdays or holidays are an especially nice time to use this “old fashioned” way to connect.  Instead of just sending a card (or posting on social media) to send birthday greetings, get well or congratulatory wishes, why not enclose a handwritten note inside the card?  It is certain to be set apart and appreciated!

Holiday Letters

Holiday Letters can be nice for sharing news with people you haven’t been in touch with, but if you send a standard letter to everyone it can feel impersonal.  The holidays are a busy time and trying to write everyone individually can be hard.  Just a few personal, handwritten sentences at the bottom of your holiday letter can really make the recipient feel special, so make that a goal!

  1. Lady

    I still write letters and Cards. I fully concur with your comment about writing. In days gone past, when
    women wrote down all the things that happened in their day, and we have the benefit of that knowledge now, what will future generations think of us?

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