The Benefits of Friendship

Friendship and laughter

Did you know that people who have long-lasting and deep friendships live longer?  Studies have shown that strong friendships can extend your life span as much as exercise or quitting smoking!

Quality, Not Quantity

When talking about life-changing friendships, we really mean close personal relationships.  It’s not really important to be the most popular person on the block with a full social calendar – it’s much more important to have a couple of high quality, close relationships.  Your closest friends should be people that share not only fun and happy moments, but ones who you can talk to about difficult times and who will be there for you when the going gets rough.  Friendships that share both good times and bad create a sense of intimacy and trust that leads to well-being.

Social Media

A recent study showed that people active on social media may actually live longer, healthier lives. Staying in touch on Facebook or Social Media is great for maintaining connections and can help you keep in touch with friends when your life is especially busy, but it’s not a substitute for spending time with people we care about and whose company we enjoy.  Social media sites can be helpful, but it’s important to make time for get-togethers, telephone calls, or even video chats to help maintain personal and emotional connections.

Maintaining Positive Relationships

Friendships are like gardens – they need attention to flourish and thrive.  The best friends don’t need to be in constant contact to feel connected, but it does take effort to maintain those positive relationships.  Making sure that you are giving to friendships as well as receiving can create strong bonds and connections that can lead to a very long and happy life!


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