Smart Holiday Eating

Holiday Treats


There is no denying that the holidays come with an abundance of love, joy, and FOOD! It’s far easier to control the food around you in your own home, but at work, or with family and friends, it’s a different matter. So how do you do it? How do you eat smart and not insult your hosts?


  • First thing’s first, start with a healthy balanced breakfast to start the day right.
  • Working out in the morning also can help you make better decisions all day long.
  • Eat small meals during the day and snack on crunchy foods like apples, carrots, snap peas, and such.
  • Before heading to the party, drink a large glass of water to feel fuller and slow your food intake.
  • When confronting a spread of food, balance it out with more green. Aim for more fruits and vegetables, and less bread and pasta.
  • Avoid fillers like breadsticks and crackers and go for the protein and salads.
  • Stay hydrated! Drink water throughout the event.
  • Pace yourself. Eating slowly is better than overeating at once.
  • If you’re at a sit-down meal, ask for smaller portions or serve yourself and drink plenty of water. Enjoy your conversations! Eating slowly allows your stomach the needed time to tell your brain that it’s full.
  • Start with small portions and if you are still hungry, go in for a few second helpings. But when you are full – stop eating.
  • If you are making multiple stops in one evening, plan to have one small course at each place to avoid overeating.
  • If you are concerned about hurting your hosts’ feelings, you might want to ask for a little something to take with you. Chefs and cooks love giving out leftovers!
  • If you go overboard one night, don’t feel guilty. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so be flexible. Don’t miss out on enjoying the occasional indulgence!


Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season!


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