New Years – Reflecting on the past, looking towards the future

Past Present And Future


Did you have such a wonderful year that you are sorry to see it end?  Or are you looking forward to the New Year and the promises it may hold?  Either way, the year is ending and on its way to becoming another page in the scrapbook of your life. The important question is – what did you learn from this year that can make this coming year an even better one?



Some people love them and some people hate them. Some people keep them, and some people break them. Did you make any resolutions last year? Did you keep them? Why or why not, and would you make the same one’s again?



Thinking about the events of the past year – especially the good times and positive experiences – will help to solidify those memories in your mind. The retrieval of memory is an interesting process. Memories that are revisited become easier to retrieve in the future, while those never thought about again can become lost. Making a conscious effort to think about the best parts of your year can give you a happier sense of your life and the best aspects of it.


A Better Year Ahead

Why is the New Year such a special time?  As the calendar page turns, you may feel a sense of renewed promise for the future. Even though the past year may have held difficulty, the idea that the year ahead may be better and brighter can renew hope in all of us. If you hope for a better year ahead, it’s important to reflect on your missteps to avoid them in the future. Don’t dwell on your mistakes, but do reflect on them as learning experiences. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the gift of each moment – that’s why they call it the Present!


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