New Years – Healthy Resolutions (and how to stick with them!)


Healthy habits

The excitement of a fresh, New Year can inspire anyone to make ambitious New Year’s Resolutions, but how do you keep them? Many resolutions center around exercising and eating healthier, which is a fantastic goal. Here’s how to stick with it!


Make Specific, Realistic Goals

Cutting out all junk food or losing large amounts of weight are resolutions that are probably too large in scope and overwhelming. Set a specific goal and a realistic deadline, and approach it with realistic daily or weekly goals. Make it something measurable, so you can track your progress as you go. This can be easier to stick with and be more motivating.


Make a Plan

When you make a resolution, it’s not enough to just think up a goal, you have to have a plan for how you will achieve it. Is your resolution to be more active?  Popular wearable devices can help you set daily goals and allow you to track your progress, such as walking 10,000 steps a day. Changing your eating habits? There are also great food diary apps that can help with your goal of eating healthier.


Tell Your Friends!

Studies have shown that people tend to keep New Year’s resolutions more often when they share them with friends. This makes you feel more accountable and gives you a support system for encouragement when you don’t feel as motivated. Posting successes on social media can be inspiring as well – having friends cheer you on can really help!


Fall off the wagon?  Get back on!

Don’t give up!  Even if you break your resolution, you can still get back on track with it. It’s better to look at a resolution as a process than an all or nothing pursuit. If you fall off track, you can always get back on!  Falling off can provide you with insights as to how you can do better, so view those moments as learning experiences that help show you where your pitfalls are. Small gains are better than no gains at all, and certainly better than losing ground. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

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