Quieting the Negative Nancy in your head

PositivityOh, the damage we do to ourselves! Why is it so easy to embrace the negative? We can all agree that we can train ourselves out of the habit of looking at the glass as half empty instead of half full.

  1. It is helpful to try to get to the root of it, and you’re more than likely to pick up the habit if you grew up with a negative person around you. Having it around you at an early age can easily sway you to see the downside as opposed the upside of situations.
  2. The next step is realizing that you are doing it. Pay attention to how you react to things both internally and externally. Staying in a positive mind space will help you combat the natural force you might feel to go negative.
  3. Releasing some control and staying open-minded will allow you to see that perhaps the changes that occur are for the better, or you can see what you gained from it as opposed to only harping on the fact that there was a change.
  4. Keeping negative minded people away from you will also help you while you make your adjustment, so limit conversations and interactions with those who you know will bring you down.

When you start seeing the lightness that comes with being in a more positive mindset, you can see how much time an energy is wasted with a negative perspective. So much of what we go through is about perception and we have far more power than we do when we only see the dark side of each situation.

Being negative is easily transmitted to children who don’t necessarily know how to pull out of it and can grow up with the same mindset, limiting their potential for more happiness.

Being flexible, open and positive is not a weakness as some may think. In fact, it’s the opposite! Having these qualities not only increases your ability to have a happy and balanced life, but these skills help sustain a life of appreciation and gratitude.

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