Me Time

Me Time

With the holidays fast approaching, the to-do list is growing, and growing fast! Shopping, gatherings, big meals, visiting friends and family… it can all really become overwhelming. Getting through this time of year is truly challenging, so starting it out with good habits will help!

  • Delegating duties is important. Yes, even though it’s often easier if we just do it ourselves, we don’t have to. Giving others tasks, especially children, not only lightens your load, but also teaches a young person a valuable lesson and makes them feel included, all while giving them confidence. Don’t focus everything on being perfect – allow them the enjoyment of participating and you’ll have a little less to do.
  • Planning ahead helps to grant us not only more time to enjoy our tasks but also more time to chill out and enjoy time with our family and friends. Make your gift list well in advance and update your calendar with all the events and obligations that are coming up. If you are hosting a party, plan the guest list and menu ahead of time and elect help to avoid being overwhelmed with work.
  • How many times have you experienced sitting in traffic in a panic? Everyone can see that there is no way to reach our destination in time, yet they stay tense and worried as if there was some benefit from stressing out about something out of their control. Turn that time into “Me Time” by listening to a book on tape, jamming out to your favorite playlist, or catching up with a friend who makes you laugh.
  • What’s 10 minutes out of 24 hours? Not much. We waste that much time trying to decide what to have for breakfast or scrolling through our social media pages. Instead, consider using that 10 minutes (or longer) when you first wake up to meditate or just enjoy a little quiet time with no obligations to anyone other than yourself. Not a morning person? Try to find a time of day that you can just let it all slip away and be with you. Maybe read a book at a nearby park, stroll through a gallery or museum, find a cozy corner at lunchtime, or take a quiet walk before the carpool pick up. If evenings are better, then after everyone has gone to sleep, take a hot bath or dive into your favorite novel, or just stare out a window and relax.
  • Depending on what you are able to afford, setting up a weekly or monthly massage is a great way to reward yourself for all your hard work. Massage is a great way to relax the entire body and let your mind drift off.

No matter how you end up finding it, make sure to incorporate some Me Time into your routine. It’s the best gift you can give yourself and you certainly deserve it!


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