Is the Snooze Button Your Enemy?

Snooze Button Is Your Enemy


We’ve all done it – the alarm goes off and wakes us from a sound sleep.  We’re just not ready – just a few more minutes!  We hit the snooze for another ten, but get in the habit of doing this and you might find yourself hitting it more than once and getting up feeling more tired than ever.


Sleep Cycles

The problem with hitting that snooze button is that when that alarm first goes off you may not have fully finished your sleep cycle and you want just a few minutes longer.  Unfortunately, going back to sleep doesn’t allow you to finish that sleep cycle – it just starts another cycle.  In five or ten minutes you are likely to be even deeper asleep when the alarm goes off again, leaving you even more tired. It’s better to just get yourself out of bed the first time, and adjust your sleeping patterns so that you will wake more rested.



You may find that as the work week wears on you go to sleep later and later, but most of us must wake at the same time each day.  This leaves us getting less sleep by the end of the week and more tired by the time the weekend rolls around.  It’s much better to be consistent with your sleep schedule, going to bed each night about seven and a half to eight hours before your alarm goes off in the morning.  Every person’s sleep requirements are different, so adjust your schedule according to what works best for you.


Your Morning Routine

When you keep hitting snooze, it can not only make you more tired but it can also ruin your morning and evening beauty routine!  Not leaving yourself those few precious moments in the morning to take care of yourself, and complete Christie’s simple Bio-Clock Activation System can show on your face in dark circles, ruddy skin, and puffy eyes.  Also, if you’re too tired to wash off your makeup and do your nightly skincare routine that can really be a disaster for your face and skin.  Just more reasons to get that beauty sleep in check!


Sleeping Late on Weekends

We often think that we can make up for lost sleep during the week by sleeping in on weekends.  Don’t do it!  The sleep you lose during your week can’t be made up.  Cheating yourself of sleep can have a negative effect on your mood and work performance, as well as your health, beauty, and well-being.  Stop hitting that snooze button and get a good night’s rest!



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