Holiday Indulgence – Skip the Guilt!

Three Thanksgiving Pies


During the holidays, do you indulge or keep your healthy eating habits in check?


Special Occasions

Think ahead and plan for the special occasions ahead and allow yourself a free pass from your regular goal of healthy eating.  The upcoming holiday season can be full of temptation, but if you plan ahead to have just specific days to indulge (Thanksgiving, A Holiday Party, New Year’s Eve), you’ll have a lot more willpower to pass on random treat-filled days leading up to those events. Celebrating too much with food can lead to an unhealthy food relationship, so don’t look for just any excuse to celebrate!


Pick a Number

Decide ahead of time how many days you are going to indulge this holiday season and stick to the plan! There may be extra treats or snacks at the office around the holidays.  If you let your eating habits slide all month long, you will probably regret it and it will be hard to get back on track.  Do you look forward to that holiday dinner and all the trimmings? Is the dessert table calling you?  Then skip the festive holiday donuts they put out at work and save it for the actual holiday.  Limiting your indulgences to a couple of days will keep you better on track with your healthy lifestyle than cheating here and there all through the season. To help keep your skin looking fresh and healthy during this time of unhealthy eating, try Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care products.


Forget Counting Calories

If you limit your holiday eating days to three or four, don’t give any thought to calories.  Eat the things you enjoy and eat until you feel satisfied – don’t overstuff yourself or it won’t be as enjoyable! Go back to a sensible eating plan and regular exercise the next day, and you won’t worry so much if an extra pound creeps onto the scale.



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