Feeling the Earth beneath your feet

Walking in Nature


We all lead busy lives. Modern society as a whole is increasingly disconnected from nature in many ways, and according to proponents of earthing, this disconnect can have physical repercussions.


Earthing (also known as grounding), refers to having direct skin contact with the surface of the Earth. The most common method is walking barefoot, but you can also have contact with your skin through gardening and other activities.


The premise is that be having your skin in contact with the surface of the Earth, you can exchange electrons with the surface of our planet. A few studies have suggested that earthing may offer some benefits to general health, such as better sleep, reduced stress and tension, and better immune function.


Even if you don’t believe in earthing, you can still benefit from being out in nature! Studies have found that by walking in nature you can soothe the mind and change the workings of your brain in ways that improve mental health.


The mental state of brooding (something we have all experienced at once point or another) is not a positive state to be in. By walking in nature, the people studied “were not dwelling on the negative aspects of their lives as much as they had been before the walk.”  Read more at the NY Times http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/07/22/how-nature-changes-the-brain/


So when you take a break today (you are taking some time for yourself every day, right?), spend some time in nature if you can. Even if it’s admiring a pretty tree, rock, or plant on your way to the parking lot, it may help you stop the cycle of negative thoughts and brooding.


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