Bedtime Routines for a Great Night’s Sleep

Bedtime Routines


The hour before bedtime can really affect the quality of the night’s sleep ahead. Have a lot of trouble falling asleep or getting a good night’s rest?  You should consider how the time you spend long before you hit the pillow can have a positive (or negative) effect on sleep.


The Sleeping Blues

One of the biggest enemies to our sleep these days is exposure to something called “blue light.”   You may have heard that blue light from televisions screens, computer monitors, tablets and phones can be bad for you.  This light prevents the production of melatonin which can really mess up your sleep patterns.  You should limit your exposure in the evenings by cutting down computer time, putting blue light filters on screens or turning on the “night shift” feature available on some phones and tablets.

You also may not realize that the newer LED light bulbs can also emit blue light, so if you use LED lights make sure the lights in your bedroom and bathroom are warm white and not daylight bulbs.


A Relaxing Bath

For many, a warm bath before bed can help you relax, unwind, and ease muscles before bedtime.  For added muscle relaxation, add a cup or two of Epson salts to bath water.  Epson salts can also provide magnesium to the body that can be absorbed through the skin, which can strengthen bones for an added benefit!


Nightly Skincare

Just like that warm bath, your nightly skincare routine can also help you relax and prepare for sleep.  When you perform Christie’s Bio-Clock Activation System, make sure that the water you use to wash and exfoliate your skin is warm and not cool or cold!  Cold water will wake you up, which is great for your morning routine but can hurt your ability to fall asleep in the evening. Make sure the water has warmed up before you wash and rinse.  Similarly, you should warm Christie’s RECAPTURE 360 Night Anti-Aging Night Treatment and REFOCUS Under Eye Treatment for a moment on your fingertips before applying, so that you are not waking your skin up with a cold product right before bed!


These tips can help ready your body for a restful night of beauty sleep. All easy ways to help you be good to you!


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  1. Donna Bramer

    Thks for advise on Epsom salt & magnesium. I did not know you could absorb through our skin. I know alot about vitamins & supplements but I missed that along the way. Lol. The warming of the eye cream on your finger tips I never thought of doing either. I have alot or most of your products and love every one of them. Thank you again. A satisfied customer for sure. Sincerely, Donna.

  2. Earl A Steinert Jr

    I would like your best deal on Refocus and Close up I am not interested in any of your other products just those two. What kind of deal do you have available?

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