Nuts for Walnuts

When you’re on the run, keeping a little stash of raw nuts with you can help curb hunger while giving a boost of vitamins and minerals to help get us through the day.


Walnuts are an all-time favorite; they are a stone fruit of the walnut trees which are native to eastern North America, but they are now grown around the globe. They are great for you because they are high in fiber; low in carbs; packed with protein, iron, and essential fatty acids. They’re also rich in omega-3s, along with magnesium and copper.


Omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts also help your skin by locking in moisture and vitamin E. The vitamin B and biotin (vitamin B7) helps you have stronger healthier hair.  Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care also works with your body to help rejuvenate and moisturize.


Eating walnuts can help improve heart and brain health, and some studies even show it may aid in the battle with certain cancers.


They can be eaten raw or roasted and added to an array of foods (including salads!) and we all know how great they are in baked goods. Walnuts are a superfood that keeps us healthy and beautiful, inside and out.


5 Responses

  1. Bruce

    Great story on the walnuts but remember, nuts in general are super foods and super healthy. Packed full of energy and healthy minerals they certainly are important within our diets.

  2. Carol Cote

    Thanks for the tip about these nuts… I never knew they had all of these health advantages..

  3. Karen Gibbons

    I knew walnuts we’re good for you , but didn’t know how much , thanks for the added info, just going to get some now.

  4. Glenda George

    Walnuts are a great energising snack and I always have a packet to nibble on when out fighting bush fires in order to maintain energy levels to deal with the dangerous task at hand.
    I also make a tasty salad of rocket, walnuts, pear and lime infused virgin olive oil. Lemon juice mixed in with the olive oil can be substituted. Make the salad as close to serving time so that the nuts remain crunchy. This salad is a great one to make when short of time and is loved by all.

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