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Have you gotten into a rut with your makeup routine? Not up on the latest makeup tips and tricks?  Read on and maybe you can pick up a few new tricks to try!



Before applying mascara, curl your lashes at the base and then again toward the ends.  Another great hint is to run your lash curler under hot water for a few moments before curling your lashes (dry it off and make sure it’s not too hot before curling).  A warm lash curler curls lashes faster and easier!



Are you still using a sponge or your fingers to apply foundation?  You should be using a brush instead!  Foundation brushes waste less product and apply more smoothly and blend more evenly.  Try it – you’ll never want to do it any other way!  Always make sure you moisturize – preferably with our RECAPTURE 360 + IR Defense Anti-Aging Day Cream – before applying foundation for smoother skin and easier application.



In case you haven’t noticed, the look for brows these days is full and defined.  Go easy on the tweezing, but don’t let them grow wild!  If your brows are long, brush them up and then trim the excess over the top of your brows carefully to keep them looking neat and groomed. Fill in with powder to define and add fullness.  A fuller brow looks more youthful!



There are lots of new highlighting products that will add just a little bit of shimmer and highlight your best features. These come in powder, stick, or liquid and can add a little pop to the top of your cheekbones, your brow bone, or add shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes.



Did you know that lip color with an undertone of blue can make teeth look whiter? Also, coloring in lips fully with lip liner before adding lipstick can add staying power to your color.  Adding a touch of a lighter color to the middle of your bottom lip (contouring) can add the appearance of volume. As always – a smile is your best beauty trick!


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