How to Prioritize


Sadly, all the things that we need to accomplish in a day (or even in a week) can’t happen all at once. And when we get overwhelmed with the invariably long tasks list, it can take a toll on our health.

We all know that wrinkles can come from chronic high levels of stress, but did you know that stress is also one of the reasons for early hair loss?  Sure, it’s hard not the feel the squeeze for time when we have so many things on our plate. Trust me, you are not alone!

Here are a few questions that might help us navigate our crazy lives:

  • Does now really mean right now?
    • Everyone wants everything done immediately but that might not be what is actually needed. Separate what is a true priority and then focus on completing those tasks first.
  • Who else?
    • Are you honestly the only person who can perform the tasks at hand? Often we can delegate out a few items on our “to do” list and ease the burden.
  • Are they really too young?
    • As parents we often default to taking care of everything ourselves when our kids are more than capable of helping. Obviously you want to make sure the task fits your child’s age/ability, but the more we syphon off to the kids, the more they learn and it also eases our load.
  • Do you have to help out right now?
    • It’s easy to pile on the work when we are eager to help out but if you’ve already got enough going on, it’s okay to pull back on volunteering or consider helping out in a way that won’t eat up too much of your time.
  • When is it Me Time?
    • It’s not easy to find time in the day (or the week) to take care of ourselves. We need to check in and make sure that we have a little pause in our day and week that doesn’t require us doing something for others. That might mean taking time to read a book, mediate, maybe take an exercise class, so that we don’t get too burned out.
    • A great way to put aside some Me Time is to have a nightly ritual, like the Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Bio-Clock Activation System.  Take some time to wash off the daytime worries and pamper yourself before bed!

Yeah, it’s hard to prioritize our day and life, but once we do, we’ll be healthier and happier for it. We might feel invincible, but we’re not, and it’s not worth risking our health to check off a long list that sometimes is completely unrealistic.

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