Fall and Winter Palettes for 2016

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Fall Fashion colors for 2016 are rich with beautiful deep colors that are both classic and elegant.

Gracing this year’s runway was a full mixture of colors, but the top picks this season went to beautiful Earth tones and dark neutrals:

  • Rust Red takes us away from an orange tone to that true side of red. It’s also perfect to layer with other rust reds for a bold and brilliant look.
  • Coppertone is a dark hearty brown which is both great as a stand-alone color or with an accent color like plum.
  • Olive is a dark rich green with a gray undertone, which is beautifully paired with a lighter neutral color.
  • Taupe is that earthy tone that looks great paired with another lighter neutral and a little splash of color.
  • Dark Teal, also known as Diver, is considered a darker neutral for the season. It’s also a great layering color and will pop when paired with a pastel.
  • Dark Chocolate is a classic fall color that never lets us down. This season try accenting it with burgundy or scarlet reds.

Using contrasting colors to mix up an outfit helps create balance and give you that flash of color that an outfit sometimes needs. This season those colors fall on either side of the spectrum from a deep sensual Scarlet Red that goes so well as a statement piece or as a splash of color, to the softer tone like Baby Blue.

A touch of light pastels mixed in with our darks gives us a little color reprieve in the cold winter months.

Fall and Winter Palletes

Our fashion colors this year also fall in line with our make-up colors. This season, it’s all about the contrast of either bold lips and neutral eyes or vice versa.

Electric Blue eye shadow with a touch of shimmer took over the runways this season.

Bright Red or Voluptuous Brown Super Glossy Lips for a night out are in.

Silver Metallic eyeliner kissing the inside or outside edge of your eyes, though subtle, will make a serious pop.

The “Twiggy Effect” is back at the moment so if this is the look for you, layer up the mascara on both the top and bottom lashes with nothing else and let your eyes do all the talking.



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