Everything in Moderation

everything in moderation


It can be pretty easy to go overboard… too much work, too much dessert, too much shopping, too much running around… and it can seriously affect our health. Our stress levels are easily too high when we have unrealistic amounts of work on our plate, and it can cause us to be less effective.

As hard as it might be, we need to take things in moderation because other than love, not much else is healthy in huge doses.

  • A little goes a long way:
    Yummy desserts and delicious foods are hard to resist, but over eating will not make us feel good in the end. Remember that it takes 10 minutes for the stomach to tell the brain that it’s full. So take it a little at a time, and it’s okay if there is still food on your plate – it could make the perfect snack for tomorrow!
  • Slow your roll:
    We are often dashing from one place to another, but driving too fast is never a smart idea. Think about how much later you will be if you’re in an accident! And even walking while texting can cause us injury, so put the brakes on and know that it’s likely going to be okay if you are a few minutes late.
  • Actually take a Lunch:
    How many times have you eaten at your desk, or standing up on your way out the door, or while in the car? We have to slow down and take time to enjoy a meal, and that doesn’t mean working while chewing.
  • Don’t get sucked in:
    Sale or no sale, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it! Our homes are filled to the brim with things that we buy on impulse. Buying what we need is one thing but we can sometimes go overboard. Think about your actual needs, and not the price tag. Lots of things go on sale, but that’s just to draw you in. Just try to control the impulse to purchase amidst all the shiny objects.
  • Devices all day:
    If you are looking at a screen all day long for work, try to make an effort to limit your time on your phone and other electronic devices. It’ good to take the time to look around and unplug.


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    Thanks so much for your skin care information and advise!
    Christie – You will always look Fabulous ! Thank you for caring about women’s skin care issue! You have a great heart !

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