Compromising in Life



No, it’s not always easy not to get our way, but here’s the deal: compromising is a part of life. Some of us can easily roll with the changes, while for others it creates wrinkles and grey hairs. So what to do when last minute changes equal needing to compromise? Take a deep breath and remember that your mental and physical health is worth more than resisting finding a middle ground.


There are a hundred things we do in a week’s time, and chances are we are constantly making compromises without even realizing it. There’s traffic on the highway, so we may choose to take the side streets. Our favorite restaurant is closed so we have to go another. The weather can often be a source of needed compromise, as well.


Sure, it’s easy for someone who is comfortable with change to tell someone whose brain is happier with structure to just relax, but let’s be clear – this is not an easy task for some people and it takes time to master.


It’s important to remember that compromising can help fend off possible health and social issues that can arise when refusing or resisting to compromise becomes a serious battle.


  • Stress/Tension– Stress can cause headaches, abdominal pain, chest pains, high blood pressure (temporary), and sleeping disorders.
  • Mind – Depression and anxiety can also be triggered.
  • Social – When you are not somewhat flexible, it can create tension with friends and family.
  • Teaching – When kids see that you are able to compromise, it gives them good life-long lessons.


In the end, we often realize that the compromise ends up being even better than the original plan, so look for the positive and find the middle ground, because compromising will likely make your life more enjoyable!


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  1. Hannah Elworthy

    Keeps those around us happier too so less stress all round!

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