Christie Brinkley on the cover of New Beauty



Christie’s incredible skin and healthy body has been in front of the cameras for forty years and she’s still going strong. Her famous smile and warm and welcoming presence is part of what people love about working with her.


Through the years she’s lived through all the trends, fads and looks that have spanned her four-decade long career and during that time she both learned from the pros and discovered her own secrets along the way.  These have kept her in the game and on track!


Catch Christie in the new Fall/Winter issue of New Beauty Magazine where she talks about the changes in the modeling industry from her start forty years ago to now. Learn about her personal fears early on, and how her healthy athletic body got her noticed in the modeling world at just the right time. Read more in Christie Brinkley: Confessions of a Beauty Icon


She reflects on her youth, her mother’s stunning natural beauty, and what she told Christie that got her through the competitive and challenging world of modeling. Plus, you won’t want to miss when she reveals her top three beauty secrets, including the number one thing that Christie has done which she attributes to her healthy body overall look!

Also catch Christie Brinkley on Access Hollywood!


The new issue of New Beauty Magazine is available now!


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