Self-Esteem: Confidence Boosters from the Outside In


Self Confidence

Self-confidence is based on self-perception, so how we see ourselves affects how confidently we present ourselves to the world.  Fortunately, you don’t have to have model-perfect features to have great self-confidence!

Effort Pays Off

When you feel better about your appearance, your confidence rises and it can make a huge difference in your self-esteem.  A sassy new haircut, a great new outfit, or just a little extra effort put into your grooming and preparation in the morning can change your outlook toward your day, increase your success, and improve your relationships.

When You Look Good, You Feel Better

Picture what happens when you are feeling depressed or defeated – you may stop doing your hair and makeup and hang around the house in sweats or a robe.  Does it make you feel better?  Quite the opposite!  These things just feed negative emotions like adding fuel to a fire.  When you look bad, you feel bad.  When you look good – you feel better! Showering, putting on a little makeup and a nice outfit can really perk you up and improve your outlook.  It’s an effort that can be difficult to muster when you are having a difficult time, but it really can change how you are feeling and help turn your attitude around.

Short on Time?

With the busy lives that women lead these days, it can be easy to let your appearance take a back seat.  This can especially be true when we start to see signs of aging – some of us may be inclined to just “give up”.  But if you give up on your appearance, you are communicating to the rest of the world (and to yourself) that you aren’t worth the effort anymore.  That should never be true! Self-care just takes a few minutes a day and can make a huge difference.

Simple Steps

Starting a simple but truly effective skincare regime like Christie’s simple three-step Bio-Clock Activation System can slow and even reverse many of the effects that time can leave on your face. You would be amazed at how differently you will feel when you start to see your lines and wrinkles fade and soften, age spots fade and skin tone improving.  Looking younger makes you feel younger, and can give you a more youthful attitude toward life, making you feel more self-assured, self-confident, and ready to conquer the world!


  1. Robin

    Thumbs up for your choice of model to advertise this story How refreshing to see a mature woman looking happy with her appearance- wrinkles and all! No Botox or fillers for her just a beautiful natural face One that says to us and our daughters particularly ‘ you are beautiful – believe it and let that radiate from you’ x

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