Make Your Dream a Reality

Take a chance on a dream

As soon as we enter elementary school, it seems that everyone starts asking us what we want to be when we grow up. Typically, it’s the things that inspire us the most that showed in our answers:

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up!”
“I want to be an astronaut!”
“I want to be a teacher!”


With time and experience, our initial answers change and new interests arise. Sometimes, these news ideas come and go, but other times something sticks with us.  We have a quiet, sometimes secret, ambition or dream that stays with us – nagging us, prodding us. However, life and the conveniences of steady work sometimes drown those noises out.


When we reach a certain age, those little voices sometimes get louder and they may become the inspiration of what retirement will look like.

“I’ll travel the world when I retire.”
“I’ll open a little coffeehouse when I retire.”
“I’ll take classes and finish my degree when I retire.”


These future-dependent statements are fine, but why wait until our retirement years to do what we love?  Yes, often time, money gets in the way of our dreams, but what better investment can we make than investing in ourselves?


Now, it would be ideal to know in advance that our dream idea will be a success before we take the leap, but life doesn’t work that way, so it’s always wise to take the time to map it out: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY.


  • If you’re considering an investment, trip, or job move, WHO can you go to for advice and support?
  • Know WHAT you are embarking on with as much clarity about possible.
  • It’s important to know WHERE you can best accomplish your dreams.
  • Create a timeline so that you know exactly WHEN you can to take this idea from a dream to a reality.
  • Really ask yourself, honestly, WHY you feel that you want this. It will give you insight and clarity.


Dreams are for living, so don’t set them aside. You won’t know if you can bring your dreams to life if you don’t try!


The most exciting part of life is exploring and creating moments and memories that we can look back on with pride. Even if you don’t succeed, you will not have really failed since you tried…and that’s more than many people can say.

So, dust off that dream and put it down on paper. Seek advice, come up with a game plan, and see if you can actually make a go of it. If not, then at least you will know that it’s not a realistic dream… and then, start working on the next dream!


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