It’s the Little Things in Life!

It's The Little Things in LifeWe’re not talking about making mountains out of molehills… (unless those molehills are tiny mounds of joy – then go right ahead and make mountains from them!)  The “little things” are the small moments of joy in life – a cool summer breeze, the laughter of a child, an unexpected call from an old friend – and we can elevate their importance in our lives. With increased focus, our awareness of those small moments can really add up to a life of greater happiness.

Take Note!

Even during the worst of days, there are moments that lift your spirits.  Even if it’s just a smile from a stranger, catching that train you almost missed (because your morning was a disaster…) or stopping to admire a beautiful sunset, taking note of the small things in life that bring you joy can put you in touch with the things that matter most to you.  You might think that big things like an extravagant vacation or a brand new car might bring you happiness, but when you pay attention to the things that really warm you heart, you might realize that you might find more joy playing with your new puppy than you would driving a brand new sports car!

Small Efforts

Taking small efforts to make someone else’s day a little brighter can lift your spirits as well as theirs.  Mailing a card to a friend you haven’t seen in a while, checking in on an elderly neighbor or surprising your spouse with a romantic gesture are efforts that are often appreciated by others, but they also allow you to focus on the small things that can spread happiness.

Even small efforts made toward your appearance can give you a lift!  The small effort put into your skin care by using Christie’s Bio-Clock Activation System or the care put into a well-coordinated outfit can boost your mood and your outlook toward the day ahead.

The Big Picture

The big picture of life is made up of tiny details.  Choosing to focus on the positive ones can really change your outlook and lead to a life of increased joy and happiness!


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