I… Love Me


If you’ve ever been on an airplane, you’ll know that the number one rule in an emergency is to put your oxygen mask on first and then help others. That’s also good advice for life! As a parent or a nurturer, it’s very easy to get swept up in everyone else’s needs, and it feels natural to put them in first priority. We must be careful to not give away so much of our love, time, and energy that there is nothing left for ourselves.


We may also look at ourselves and think that we haven’t achieved as much as we had planned to, or think that we are not as pretty or successful or outgoing as other people. It’s really easy to pull ourselves apart and list all the things we don’t like. Sadly, we all do it from time to time. But why? What do we gain from it?


When we look at ourselves as a person and not just in pieces – when we add in our life experiences, when we reflect on our history and ancestors, when we put into perspective the struggles we have endured – it allows us to see who we are as a whole person.


As we get older, we shift and grow and have new passions and priorities, but in all the change, we can’t allow the forces around us to affect our Self-Love. It’s normal to feel doubt or fear of the future as we all go through our own individual battles and achievements. Sometimes life moves along calmly, while other times it’s like swimming in a riptide while trying to get to shore… but in those moments we benefit from being calm, strong, and positive in who we are.


We are constantly challenged in life, we get obstacles tossed at us and though that’s likely never to change, knowing and loving who we are will help us get through the tough times. It took a long time for us to get here, and learning from past experiences, reflecting on our achievements, and setting new goals for the future is part of our recipe for success.


There is only one of you! And as much as we like to receive love, we must learn to love ourselves… the bad, the good, and the parts that are still in progress


love yourself

  1. Wendy Small

    Excellent article I only wish I had learnt these lessons when I was a young mum

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