Water, Water, Water

The Importance of Water in Skincare


Water, glorious water! Our bodies are made up of nearly 60% water and we need to continue to replenish it to keep us healthy inside and out. Here are a few benefits and tips to keep us all getting enough water every day.


 Health & Beauty Benefits:


  • Water (especially ice water) helps increase metabolism.
  • Water helps reduce headaches brought on by dehydration.
  • Water makes for healthier kidney function and helps ward off kidney stones.
  • Water is good for the digestive system and helps stave off constipation.
  • Plenty of water during exercise helps fight fatigue and prevent muscle cramping.
  • Water hydrates skin cells, reducing wrinkles.



Quick Tips:


  • Spiking your water with fresh fruit or mint will take it from ordinary to beautifully refreshing.
  • Flavored seltzer water is a fun change and you can also dress it up with a wedge of lemon or lime.
  • Drink a tall glass of water with every meal and
  • Grab a bottle of water before you leave the house and refill it throughout the day.
  • Save money on bottled water by using a water filter and save the earth by using reusable water bottles.
  • Keep multiple reusable bottles of water ready at your fingertips for easy consumption.
  • Don’t forget that fruits and vegies are also full of water. Yes, it counts.
  • Fill a water bottle with ice for a few hours of refreshing ice-cold water.
  • Replacing plain water with sports drinks doesn’t quite have the same health benefits, so best to stick with nature’s elixir.
  • Some common ailments can be caused by dehydration so before you reach for meds, you might want to drink a few glasses of water and see if there is improvement.


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