Tomatoes: A Superfood Ripe with Skin Benefits

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The summer season brings with it an abundance of fruits and vegetables, but none are more plentiful and readily available than gorgeous ripe, red tomatoes.  This super fruit may not garner as much attention as popular summer fruits like strawberries or dark berries, but they have equally delicious benefits for your skin both on the inside and outside.

On the Inside

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins that can benefit your skin, including vitamins C and A, and contain the carotenoids lycopene and zeaxanthin.  All of these are antioxidants, which are known to protect skin against free radicals, a primary cause of aging.  Vitamin C can also combat UV photoaging, promote collagen synthesis, and lighten hyperpigmentation when applied topically.

Lycopene (which is found in greater concentrations in cooked tomatoes and tomato paste) has also been shown to have a mild sunscreen effect when ingested regularly.  Eating a diet rich in tomatoes won’t allow you to skip the sunscreen, but it can provide an added touch of protection to a diligent skincare routine.  Used along with the daily sunscreen protection provided by Christie’s RECAPTURE 360 + IR Defense Anti-Aging Day Cream and other preventive measures, lycopene can provide a slight boost in sun protection.  Every little bit helps!


On the Outside

Tomatoes also contain compounds that can be beneficial to skin when applied topically.  Vitamin C has skin brightening properties and can help to build collagen. Vitamin A can fade dark spots and blemishes. Lycopene applied topically can also strengthen skin and enhance cell renewal, slowing the effects of aging.  Tomatoes also provide an astringent effect, reducing the appearance of large pores, reducing oils and balancing the acidity of skin.  How do you take advantage of these topical advantages?  To reap these benefits, simply slice a tomato in half, rub over your face and wait at least fifteen minutes before rinsing with cool water.  Pat gently with a towel and follow with Christie’s Bio-Clock Anti-Aging Activation System for an evening face treatment that will help keep you radiant and beautiful!


  1. Peggy ann Atkins

    I am glad to know about tomatoes and use it on my face I use your products in three months my friends have said my face looks like peaches and cream what have I done

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