The Stress Factor

Stress Factor


Have you ever known someone who looks like they’ve had a “difficult life”?  What is it about that person’s appearance that makes you feel that way?  If you’ve led a life of chronic stress – does it show on your face?  If so, why?

Frown Lines

As time passes and your skin begins to lose its elasticity, the expressions you make will begin to show in the lines on your face.  Frowning, narrowing your eyes or furrowing your brow regularly will lead to deepening expression lines. Take note of your “resting face”. If you catch your reflection and frequently spy a knitted brow or the corners of your mouth turned down, understand that your emotions may show on your face long after your concerns have subsided!


Bad Habits

Chronic stress – no matter the source – can lead to poor lifestyle choices and habits that can contribute to premature aging.  Smoking, drinking, poor dietary habits, lack of exercise, and a lack of restful sleep are often habits created by stress and can all contribute to signs of premature aging.

Biological Effects

Studies have shown that there are many effects that stress has on the body that can contribute to the appearance of aging and wrinkles.  Cortisol produced during stressful periods leads to a breakdown in collagen. Stress hormones produced by the body can cause acne.  Lack of sleep can cause puffy, tired eyes.  A constant and chronic state of stress can even lead to the redirection of nutrients to your vital organs, depriving your skin of vitamins and minerals necessary for repair and skin renewal.

What to do?

Even when the everyday stresses of life (or major stressful events) are unrelenting, adopting healthier ways of coping with daily life stresses like meditation, exercise, and relaxation (reading, outdoor activities, painting, listening to music, etc.) can be effective in stress reduction and reduce the aging effects of stress on the body.  A great system of skincare like Christie’s Bio-Clock Activation System can help visibly reverse the effects that have already occurred, but you can also increase the benefit by making your morning and nighttime skin routine a quiet and restful time.  Treating yourself to a few indulgent moments of deep breathing and reflective meditation at the end and beginning of each day during your skin routine can lead to positive mental habits that can really affect a radiant complexion.


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