The “Age Old” Battle: Nature vs. Nurture

Nature vs Nurture


Is it all in the genes?  We all know there are women out there who look half their age, but what’s the determining factor of how well we age?  Is it predetermined at birth by the genetics we inherit, or is it largely the result of the lifestyle choices that we make?  Can we do things to slow the clock or even turn it back?  Or are we at the mercy of the hand we are dealt?


Take a good look at how well close relatives have aged – your mother, aunts, even your older sisters.  Are they aging gracefully?  Some women are able to seemingly sail through the aging process looking youthful and vibrant as they age with little to no effort – at least it can seem that way.  Wrinkles, dark spots, crepiness, and other signs of aging can vary widely in appearance from woman to woman at difference ages and stages of life, and at least some of that has to do with your DNA and genetic background.  But is that the whole story?



Nurture is everything that Mother Nature didn’t give you – your environment, your lifestyle, your habits, and your choices.  Whether you inherited skin that is more or less inclined to show the effects of aging, environmental, and lifestyle factors can definitely impact how youthful you ultimately appear


How Do We Know?

Of course genes play a part, but we also know for certain that lifestyle and environmental factors can make a big difference in our appearance and how we age.  How can we know that for sure?  Studies have been done on twins – the perfect candidates to investigate the effects of aging beyond genetics (since twins should age identically).  What did they find?  They found that several factors can make one twin appear older than the other, including drinking, smoking, sun exposure, and stressful life events like divorce.  Taking steps to control some of these factors (like quitting smoking or using sunscreen like the sun protection in RECAPTURE 360 + IR Defense Anti-Aging Day Cream) can help you make the most of the genes you were handed down!


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