Learning to Balance Our Lives

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Learning to Balance

Why do some of us think that we can do it all alone? The mountain of work that we often heave onto our own shoulders has side effects and can be a huge contributor to poor health. Stress, anger, fear, and depression can all take on varying degrees of harm, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to!

Here are a few tips on how to create a more balanced life that we can all benefit from:

  • Prioritize: Sometimes we need to eliminate what is less important and focus on what is more essential. If the rest can wait, there’s always tomorrow, or next week.
  • Organize: Come on, you can’t really be expected to remember everything, so write things down. Grab a post-it or check out some of the cool apps that help us remember all the things we need to tackle and keep us organized.
  • Delegate: We often have more help around us than we realize. Friends and family, and even lovely neighbors can be little angels in disguise. You also might be surprised to learn that they enjoy being of help. (Just don’t overuse them!)
  • Find perspective: We can get overwhelmed with all that we have to accomplish, but keeping a little perspective on what really has to be done is healthy.
  • Relax: There are plenty of times that we overdo and extend ourselves when some things can actually wait. Be realistic about what must be done, because your health and sanity is just as important. Trust me!
  • No punishment: Sometimes it is simply impossible to get everything done in a day or sometimes in a week. So do what you can, call in for help when needed but don’t beat yourself up about it! There is no point in making yourself feel badly about not checking everything off your list.
  • Downtime: Honor yourself by carving out a little “you” time every day. Whether it’s a quiet walk, time for a workout, or you and a book, try to make a little time where it’s about you. It’s okay, you’re allowed.
  • Gratitude: Even though it’s easy to look around and envy those who have more than us, when we are grateful for what we have and of our accomplishments, it often creates joy and peace of mind. Remember, more isn’t necessarily better.


  1. Veronica

    Thanks, I really needed this comforting words. I beat myself every day not having enough time to accomplish my daily tasks and falling into this depression , I should make time for me. I guess it’s okay .

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