From the Neck Down: Youthful tips for your neck, hands and décolleté

Youthful Neck


It’s said that if you live long enough, you’ll see your mother’s (or your grandmother’s!) hand at the end of your sleeve. Even the most gracefully aging women can have a hard time concealing their true age when it comes to their hands, neck, or décolleté. What can we do about it? Are we all doomed to wear turtlenecks and gloves in our advancing years? Not if we start paying these areas some much needed attention!



Hands often belie a woman’s age – household chores, daily sun exposure, and physical use over time can cause wrinkles, raised veins, and age spots.  These are compounded by excessive hand-washing or hand sanitizer use, cold weather, and harsh household detergents.  Perhaps you can’t find time for a full weekly manicure at the salon, but are there ways to add your hands into your regular beauty routine?




Like your hands, the skin on your neck is thinner, more delicate, and more prone to the effects of aging.  Some women can show sagging and crepiness at an early age in this delicate area, and this problem area can make you appear years older. Think about your morning and evening skin regime – does it stop when you reach the end of your jawline?



Décolleté is another delicate area, and one that is very prone to sun damage.  This is an area that is often exposed to sun year round, but many times forgotten in daily sun protection.  This causes wrinkling, crepiness, and dark spots that can really detract from the beauty of a low neckline!


Steps That Make a Difference

Adding one simple step to your skincare regime – UPLIFT Firming Neck & Décolleté Treatment – can make a huge difference in tightening, brightening, smoothing, and reducing the look of wrinkles on your neck and chest area.  For your hands, there are many steps you can take including smoothing any excess day and night cream (like those in the Bio-Clock Activation System) into hands after applying to the face, always wearing gloves when doing chores and in cold weather, and limiting the use of hand sanitizer to the palms and tips of fingers instead of the backs of hands.  A little attention to these problem areas can really help turn these “trouble spots” back into beautiful assets!

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    I am from Melbourne Australia and I love reading all your tips. I also use your skin care .
    Thank you.

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