Hair Need TLC? Try ACV!

Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair

What’s ACV?  It’s an all-natural, powerful ingredient that you can find on your nearest grocer’s shelf! It’s been used for centuries as a home-remedy for everything from soothing a sunburn to teeth whitening to preventing foot odor. ACV is Apple Cider Vinegar, and one of the myriad of uses for this centuries-old cure-all is as an effective hair treatment that can rival expensive salon treatments.  Want to hear how it can beautify your hair and give you a more luxurious mane?   Read on!

  1. Condition

Apple Cider Vinegar has excellent conditioning properties.  When diluted with warm water (1:1 ratio), it can be poured over the hair and scalp or sprayed with a spray bottle to use as a conditioning rinse.  Leave in for a minute or two before rinsing for extra conditioning benefits.  It also improves the porosity of hair, sealing the cuticle and allowing it to retain more moisture, making hair softer and shinier.

  1. Remove Tangles

When used as a rinse, it can also combat tangles and allow for easier combing.  When your comb or brush glides easily through hair, that means less damage during styling!

  1. Clarify

ACV can remove build-up from styling products.  Pouring or spraying the diluted rinse over your hair once a week after shampooing can rinse away days of build-up from hair sprays, balms and heavy conditioners, giving your hair bounce, body and new life!

  1. Banish Dandruff

ACV is a gentle and effective way to help banish itching and flakes.  To get rid of itch and flakes, spray on a 1:1 ratio of ACV to warm water and leave for a few hours before rinsing.

  1. Prevent Split Ends

An apple cider vinegar rinse can smooth the cuticle and strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breaking and split ends.  Strong, healthy hair is beautiful hair!


Imagine – one simple step to improve the texture, shine and overall beauty of your hair!  It’s a great step to add to your basic beauty routine, and with Christie’s Bio-Clock Activation System your skin AND hair will look vibrant and radiant day after day!

11 Responses

  1. Jesslyn Beaird

    I certainly will try ACV. Thank you for this tip.

  2. Rosie ashley

    Inexpensive natural tips are what we all need . They have been proven to be effective, that is the best part

  3. Teresa Gutierrez.

    Love your products. Thank you for all the beauty hints.

  4. Sonja Barber

    Thank so much for the information, love your products.

  5. Sonja Barber

    Thanks so much for the information, love your products.

  6. Elise Dees

    Dear Christie, I love these tips from you. They are very helpful and really work! Thank You!

  7. Mary

    When I was young, my mother always rinsed my hair with apple cider vinegar after shampooing and always put apple vinegar on my many sunburns growing up. It would be nice to let her know how loving and helpful she was to me. I’m turning 80 this month.


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