Enjoying the Sun Without Worry

Fun in the Sun Safety


While some people rush into the sun completely uninhibited, for others, it’s a worrisome act. Skin Cancer, sun blotches and dry skin are just a few of the fears that make some of us stay in the shade. It may not be necessary to live inside all summer long and here are a few ways to safely enjoy the sun and the great outdoors:


It’s incredibly important to apply Sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher. Most sunblock will last around two years, so check the expiration date and shake the bottle before you use it. You’ll also want to apply it 30 minutes before you get into the sun to let it soak in, and get it everywhere, especially easily forgotten places like your ears and your feet. Once you’re out and about, it should be replied every two hours and if you’re in the water (even if you use waterproof sunblock), you should reapply when you dry off. Spay on sunblock is convenient, but it’s easy to miss some spots, especially if it’s a breezy day, so consider using lotion to make sure you’re fully covered.


Have you heard about Infrared Rays? Recapture Day includes IR Defense, protecting you from IRA (infrared ARays ) which can penetrate your skin to where the cells are formed, just like UVA rays can (click for more information Infrared Rays and Aging skin). Infrared radiation makes up 54% of the sun’s rays that reach the earth. In fact, Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare is one of the first creams in the U.S. to defend against Infrared radiation!

Recapture 360 Day has earned the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation for Daily Use, and helps protect you from UV and IR both. On the go? Take our Recapture 360 Day cream with you if you’re out in the sun, and reapply as needed.


Timing is everything! If you want to enjoy the great outdoors without stressing too much, remember that the sun is at its peak strength between 10am and 4pm so early morning activities and late afternoon events will provide you with outdoor summer fun and relief from the sun’s strongest rays.


A hat can make an outfit and it will also protect you for the sun, as will long sleeve cotton tops and pants. But throwing on a sheer cover up won’t be enough to keep you protected, so if you can’t see your hand through it, then the suns rays won’t be able to reach you. And don’t forget your favorite pair of shades; you want to protect your eyes while looking cool, don’t you?


Water is your best friend! Keeping hydrated is imperative to staying healthy and happy all year round, but it’s most important during the summer months. Dehydration has dangerous side effects on our organs, skin, nails and hair, so you just can’t go without it. Add some lemon or fresh fruit if plain water isn’t your thing – it’s tastes good and will keep you looking and feeling great, inside and out.


So don’t just hide in the shade this summer watching everyone else having all the fun, protect yourself and join in!


  1. Beulah Tonn

    I thank you very much for all your wonderful advise about how to take good care of our skin & body. It’s a healthy advise

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