Baking Soda for Beauty!

Baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate)


If you ever bake from scratch, you probably have a box of baking soda tucked in one of your cabinets, awaiting the impulse to bake a batch of cookies.  In fact, you probably know at least one more great use for baking soda, right? Certainly you have at least one more orange box lurking in the back of your refrigerator, absorbing stray food odors so that your loaf of bread doesn’t end up smelling like the fish filets you’re defrosting.  Perhaps you even know a few household cleaning uses for baking powder, but could there be more?  Could baking soda be useful in your beauty cabinet as well?  Here are a few ideas to broaden your sodium bicarbonate horizons!


  1. As a clarifier

A hefty sprinkle of baking soda mixed with your favorite shampoo can boost cleansing properties and help remove styling product build-up, making hair cleaner and fuller.


  1. In a relaxing bath

Adding 1/2 cup of baking soda to your bath can soften and smooth skin, helping to wash away oils and soothe minor sunburns or skin irritations.  This bath treatment has no harsh chemicals or fragrances to irritate delicate skin. Ahhh!


  1. To whiten teeth

Want a simple alternative to those expensive whitening treatments?  Try a simple mix of water, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda (1:1:1 ratio) – brush for one minute and rinse thoroughly (careful not to swallow!) Used once or twice a week this simple treatment can help whiten teeth, keeping stains from wine, coffee and other offenders at bay and giving you something to smile about!


  1. As a dry shampoo

This one can be a lifesaver!  For those days when you just can’t squeeze in a shampoo, a sprinkle of baking soda can serve as a dry shampoo.  Just sprinkle a small amount onto scalp and roots. Then comb through and fluff.  This easy beauty fix will not only absorb excess oils, but odors too!


  1. Mani/Pedi Exfoliant

We know how important exfoliating is to keep your skin looking bright and youthful, and Christie’s Daily Facial Exfoliating Polish is amazing for your face. But what about your hands and feet?  Baking soda makes a great exfoliant!  Just mix with a small amount of water and rub into hands, feet and heels to reveal softer, glowing skin underneath!


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  1. Sally Fritz

    Great ways to use baking soda that I didn’t know!

  2. brenda rose


  3. Theresa P

    yes mom use it on our hair when out of shampoo when we were kids in PA

  4. Lana

    Great to know also I have heard it is good to keep in your fridge to kill any odors and it does work :))

  5. tarranda

    Thanks for insight on the tips of the great things baking soda will do.An I love treating my skin to another level of beauty.

  6. Cheri

    I always love learning how to use household products to better my life. Try white sugar and coconut oil as an exfoliator; sugar dissolves (I do this when I take my shower in the morning; and I rinse with cool water [all over])

  7. Connie Robbins

    Your articles are very helpful and I post them in my facebook.

  8. Hannah Elworthy

    Definitely try especially the tooth whitener. Thanks

  9. Connie Terpening

    Lots of thing I didn’t know about baking soda. Thank you

  10. Shanell


    I can’t wait to try the mani/pedi exfoliant! I will post results!

  11. Katie

    I like your tips and plan to use some of them. Thanks for posting.

  12. Larisa Kravchenko

    Great advices as usual. I am trying to read them all when I get an email from you., I actually surprised to hear these natural secrets being discussed nowadays, and thank you for that. These are old secrets (recipes) which our grand, grand mothers used and share with each other!

  13. Loretta

    Great information! Can’t wait to try the teeth whitening! Thank you! Love the emails! I learn sooo many new things from Christie!!

  14. Molly williams

    Keep me informed of any household products. I can use thank you

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