Applying Makeup after Tanners

Makeup with Fake Tan

Now that you’re sporting your perfect fake tan, (don’t worry, we won’t tell,) your makeup routine may shift a little. Here are a few quick tips to help you achieve your perfect look:


  • You should be able to avoid needing a foundation if you have a good spray tan going. Foundations also tend to cake the skin, so instead try a loose powder in your new shade. But if you feel naked without foundation, choose one that is self-adjusting so it blends in with your new color.


  • If you want to contour, try using a bronzer to highlight your brow bones, cheekbones and nose. Again, you’ll need a bronzer in your new shade, just remember, less is more.


  • The summer craze is a natural look, so you can go very light on your makeup this season. Try a skin tone eye shadow with a little shimmer in it, a dark mascara to make your eyes pop and a glossy lipstick. For the evening, perhaps add a dramatic sweep of eyeliner and matte lipstick for effect.


  • Another great way to accent your tan is with bright teeth, so scrub your beautiful pearly whites.


The best part of a tan, no matter how you’ve achieved it, is to look natural, so go light on the makeup and show off your new glow with light colored clothes accented with a fun splash of color.

  1. Connie Terpening

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