An Alternative to Tanning Beds

Fake Tanning Tips

We are lucky to have many alternatives to get a sun-kissed look without over exposure to the sun or dangerous tanning salons. Over the years, the cosmetic industry has nearly perfected fake tanning and bronzing lotions and sprays. No, not every option will fit each person to perfection, but there are some great one out there. Here are a few tips to help you achieve your gorgeous glow!

  • Shave! Be sure to shave or wax at least 24 hours before you plan to apply your tanner.
  • Scrub! You’ll want to shower and exfoliate your skin first so try using a loofah or scrub glove. Help close your pores with a quick shot of cold water before you step out, but you should still wait about 4 hours to be sure all your pores are fully closed to avoid dark spots.
  • Lotion Up! Use a good quality lotion and allow it to all soak in before you begin.
  • Read! Take the time to read through all the instructions carefully.
  • Gloves! You don’t want stained hands to give away your secret, so slip on some disposable gloves.
  • Go Time! Use your tanning lotion or spray according to their directions – no short cuts.
  • Sweeping! Apply lotion to your gloved hand and apply in a sweeping motion to get full coverage.
  • Bottom to Top! Start at your feet and ankles and work your way up.
  • Face It! Add a little face moisturizer to the tanning lotion and mix well before applying it to your face to help prevent breakouts.
  • Check! Make sure you’ve covered your entire body and don’t forget about those little hiding spots like around your neck, behind your ears and the backs of your arms.
  • Chill! Follow the instructions for drying time.
  • Wait! It’s best not to shower until about eight hours after you’ve applied your fake tan to give it the proper amount of time to set in.
  • Don’t Scrub! Your first shower after tanning is not the time to pull out the loofah, just use a gentle body wash.
  • Avoid the Pool! If you want to keep your fake tan, stay out of chlorinated pools.


Depending on what your preference and needs are, there are lots of choices for Tanners: Gradual Tanners will slowly develop your tan over a day or two. Self-Tanners take between 8 and 12 hours to give you a finished look. If you’re in a rush, try an Express Tan, which will have you fully tan in just a couple of hours. And if the idea of fake tanning makes you a little nervous, maybe try an Instant Tan, which will wash off with soap and water!


And our last tip: if self-tanning is new to you, consider trying it out well before a big event to ensure you achieve the look you’re hoping for.

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