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Christie Brinkley Skincare Younger Looking Eyes

They’re the windows to your soul, but are they showing the world the young, vibrant you inside?  Or are your eyes telling an aging tale?  There are many ways that your age shows in your eyes, but being conscious of those tell-tale areas can make all the difference in how the world sees you.  Taking steps to enhance your eye area will help reflect the true beauty inside.  Here are a few helpful hints:


  • Wear Sunglasses – Sunglasses (even in winter!) will help to reduce squinting, which causes wrinkles, crows feet and frown lines.


  • Get Some Sleep! – “Tired Eyes” are the direct result of not enough sleep and can add years to your appearance. Lack of good quality, 7-8 hour nightly sleep can cause puffiness and dark circles to appear.  Don’t think you can “catch up” on weekends!  Good daily sleep habits can keep your eyes looking fresh and bright.


  • Skin Care – The skin around your eyes is delicate and requires special attention. Christie’s  REFOCUS Under Eye Treatment should be added into both your morning and evening skin care routine, and help to reduce wrinkles, puffiness and crepiness.  Christie’s  CLOSE UP Instant Wrinkle Reducer & Treatment  is another excellent tool to address crows feet and lines that can surface over time.


  • Pat, Don’t Rub! – Be gentle with skincare, makeup removal and makeup around the eye area.  Be careful not to pull or stretch the delicate eye area, as this thin, delicate skin loses elasticity over time.


  • Whiter Whites – As we age, the whites of your eyes can lose their brightness. You can create an illusion of brighter whites by lining the water line of your lower lids along the inside edge with a white or blue eyeliner.  Blue visually counteracts yellow and makes whites appear whiter, so blue mascara or shadow can help as well.


  • Fuller Brows – The current trend is toward fuller, more natural brows. Brows may thin from years of over-tweezing or just from aging, and can make your eyes appear older.  Creating a fuller brow with brow powders, pencils or fillers can take years off your appearance.


Just remember – a few tiny crinkles at the corners of your eyes can be beautiful when they are caused by a bright, genuine smile.  Let a smile light up your face and your eyes will show your youthful joy!


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  1. Bernadette

    Finally a easy and logical way to maintain you health and wellbeing. Thanks heaps.

  2. Valerie

    Love your products even on old skin they do wonders. Thanks and Happy Xmas

  3. Maryann

    I have bags under my eyes that are not dark, they just look like they are full of fluid. Any help for this problem?

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