Sixty Second Beauty: A One Minute Workout For Healthier Skin

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare 60 Second Workout

The increased blood flow you get from vigorous exercise isn’t just good for your heart health – it’s great for your skin health as well!  The radiant glow you get after a great workout is much more than just the dewy glow of perspiration.  Getting your heart pumping and your circulation moving can really help to nourish skin cells and improve skin health. Over time, adding a routine of regular exercise can help keep our skin looking young, radiant, and at it’s best.  The question is – with hectic schedules that can include juggling family, work and social commitments, where does a girl find the time to squeeze exercise in the mix?

Finding Time

Now that we can add great skin to that laundry list of reasons why exercise is so important, we need to figure out how to add it into our daily routine. Fortunately, recent studies have shown that now there’s even less excuse for not improving your health (and skin!) with exercise.

60 Seconds Flat

In a recent study at McMaster University in Ontario, scientist concluded that just one minute of vigorous training provides the health benefits of 45 minutes of moderate exercise. It’s theorized that interval training with short bursts of hard exercise to your heart pumping fast is the key to improving health.  It’s this increase in circulation that can be beneficial to skin health, and sixty seconds can be a cinch to work into your day!  The study showed that a ten minute interval exercise routine (with just sixty total seconds of intense training) three times a week improved health as much as a routine of 45 minutes of moderate exercise.  This cuts exercise to just minutes per week!  You can apply this principle to any short burst of heart-pumping exercise you enjoy, such as stair-climbing, running or jumping rope to name a few.  Just three 20 second bursts of intensity (with a two minute warm up, three-minute cool down, and two minutes of easy exercise between bursts) can make a big difference!

As always, consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine.

Make sure you also maximize your skin’s exercise benefit by supporting it with Christie’s Bio-Clock Activation System.  In almost no time you can improve your skin and your life!


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